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We’re proud to offer tattooing services for hair and skin. Tattoo hair is the process of shaving designs into your undercut. So this is a great way to carve extra personality and art into your hairstyle. This cool and creative style is all over the internet- feel free to bring in a design or talk it through with us to create one that captures your personality.

We also offer skin tattooing. Our artists are skilled at creating beautiful and personal works of art that come to life on your skin. We’ll work with you one-on-one to decipher the best piece to breathe life onto your body.

Our hair is such an integral element of our look we would be remiss if we didn’t offer a service that shapes and styles it. So get your hair cut and styled at our location, and we’ll help style your look to match who you are.

At Lamassu 98, we’re committed to bringing all of your looks together to create a holistic picture of you. Call us or drop in today so we can find the best way to make your body personalization dreams come true.